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Chaparral House is one of only 4 Joint Commission Accredited Skilled Nursing Facilities from the over 600 facilities in Northern California.  We are a highly rated, award-winning, nonprofit community with a holistic approach to aging and illness that engages each resident in the ways and to the extent they wish, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.  We specialize in caring for people 65 and over, and have been awarded Certification in Post-Acute Care by the Joint Commission, and we were the first in the United States to be Certified in Memory Care.

Please read about our Giving Tuesday Project below the video. This project will be especially beneficial for people with Dementia, including Alzheimer’s, and help us make life better for them and their families.  Our goal is $18,000.

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“Light That Improves Life”

Everything in the universe, including plants, animals, and people have a natural rhythm about them.  We all know about tides, the phases of the moon, and seasons.

In people they are called Circadian Rhythms.  A complex concept that just means the environmental and biological cycles or processes someone experiences every 24-hours.  Samples of circadian rhythms include sleep cycles, various states of alertness throughout the day, eating and drinking, body temperature, memory retention as well as recall, and probably the most important is our day/bright vs. night/dark cycle.

Click image to learn more about Circadian Lighting

Click image to learn more about Circadian Lighting

Much research has been done to determine how the day-night cycle impacts all aspects of life, and even more importantly how it impacts us as we age.

The result is that having different light colors and intensities at different times during the day, evening, and night have a significant impact on appetite, alertness, mobility and balance, memory, mood, and our quantity and quality of sleep.

Today’s lighting technology allows us to have lights that are preprogrammed based on time of day and activity to go from bright to dim and from a more blue/white color that mimics the sun to a more yellow light that can be compared to candlelight or a fireplace.

Click image to read Gundersen Nursing Home – Tweeten project summary

Click image to read Gundersen Nursing Home – Tweeten project summary

Studies show that someone with dementia experiencing this type of lighting can function better, sometimes remember things, and even more fully function “in the moment”.  And everyone can experience better sleep cycles with less or no medications, improved appetites, better socialization, and moving more easily with less pain and fewer falls.  Most importantly for many, loneliness and depression are usually reduced or even eliminated.

Chaparral House would like to pair its highly-rated, award-winning, care with this technology to further improve the lives of our residents.  But we need your help!  Please think of your parents or grandparents and donate today in their honor.

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