Currently we are compiling a small list of the most common questions asked. We ask for your patience. Until then, here’s one of the most frequent questions:

Q: How do I know what kinds of activities my parent/spouse is participating in?

A: The Activities office keeps a logbook; each resident is assigned a page. Daily, staff mark those activities that each resident participates in, as well as their level of participation. The logbook is open to families to peruse.

Q: How can I be sure my mom/dad/spouse attends activities?

A: When a new resident joins the Chaparral community, the Activities staff meet with them, as well as with the family, to better locate the resident’s interests. Once we know, the resident is put on a list for that activity, then the list is handed to the nursing assistants at each shift. The Activity staff also make sure to bring residents to their favorite activities each day.